Information has never been so accessible as today. But the best sources of information are those produced by people who know what they are talking about.

The great advantage of BESPOKE CONCIERGE is the quality of information we gather. Our sources are checked and tested in order to better serve our customers
Our team is available to assist you with the information you need, plus valuable tips. 
If there is something that is not covered in our database, we will research and get back to you with the information or the solution to your requirements.

BESPOKE CONCIERGE can be hired on a monthly or annual basis (monthly fee of R$ 120.00) or a year (subscription R$ 1.200,00).

The BESPOKE CONCIERGE service is provided via email Este endereço de email está sendo protegido de spambots. Você precisa do JavaScript ativado para vê-lo. - you type in what you want and we will send you information and tips on the subject by return email.If you want someone to contact you, please forward the number you want to be called at and one of our professionals will call you.

Subscribe today to BESPOKE CONCIERGE and have a Virtual Concierge at your disposal.

Examples of information available to you:

Specific types or companies or shops e.g. shoemakers, silverware, antiques, flowers and plants, bookstore, etc.
Where to buy
Where to mend
Where to make
Where to get the best price
Where to print
Where to find professional courses or training for specific activities
Tips for teachers of languages, dance, music, art, history, cooking, photography, golf, among others
Suggestions for buying gifts
Professional tips: coach, financial consultant, property consultant, and others.
Health tips: professionals: doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, therapists, and other
Image consulting
What do you need to know? Contact us and we will conduct the research for you!


Personalised health, beauty and styling treatments.

Management of the suppliers, we have contact with many different wedding suppliers (dressmakers, florists, printers, etc.)

Management of the suppliers (decoration, list of essentials, babysitter training)
Baby shower

Location tips
Tips for dining
Tips on where to stay
Tips on where to eat
Tips on where to buy
Information about what is going on



"A concierge can do things that need to be done
so you can focus on the things you want to do".



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