Did you know?

According to Fortune 500:


• Employees spend on average 36 minutes per day searching for answers to personal questions;
• 26 out of the 100 best companies to work for offer some kind of concierge services as a benefit to their employees;
• 85% of employees agree that the concierge program benefits employees and companies alike and helps retain staff as it allows a balance between work and personal life;

Bespoke knows that the corporate world requires agile solutions that are efficient and high quality. To assist you in this direction, we have a qualified staff and a network of accredited partners who cover:

• Relocation Service
• Private driver
• Car, plane and helicopter purchase or rental
• Hotel Reservations and tickets
• Restaurant reservations
• Rent multimedia (audio and video)


• Planning and management of corporate events
• Solutions and ideas for events
• Support for business development

Consultancy for start up operations in Brazil (RFI, feasibility study, business plan, support for running business plan, international consulting)

The proposed provision of services designed to meet the BESPOKE.LIFE corporate world also aims to improve the performance of their employees, offering them the benefit of time. Certain that their demands will be met by a personal manager, so they can focus and be more productive in their professional life.

The system was also designed to help build loyalty with customers. Companies can gain a competitive advantage by offering the services of BESPOKE.LIFE to it's customers and employees.




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