As its name suggests, BESPOKE.LIFE is a company supplying products and services "made to order and tailored to each customer." 100% Brazilian concierge, personal and professional lifestyle services. BESPOKE.LIFE had its first customer in 2010 after much study and research.

It's founder, Marcia Primo Costa, holds a post graduate degree in International Relations and had a successful career as an executive - her dedication and focus earned her seven times, the title of MVP (Most Valuable Professional) in successful multinationals. After many exhausting years of work Marcia found she had no time to do her own chores or carry out her passion of helping others.

This was how BESPOKE.LIFE began. Marcia has travelled the world, is a lover of fine food and novelties of the most diverse subjects, Marcia is curious by nature and always enjoys research. Marcia studied in America and in England. Marcia's attention to detail is what makes the difference in the services provided by BESPOKE.LIFE, in addition to it's knowledgeable and diverse team, Marcia also has a wide network of competent national and international partners.



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